How Does Sublimation Work?

The process of dye sublimation is actually very simple: it’s the application of dye into clothing to make an image, and this works best when used on polyester material or clothing. Three ingredients are used which include sublimation ink, pressure, and heat. The transformation process is when solid dye particles are changed into gas, without ever becoming a liquid. This whole process is similar to that of dry ice.

Sublimation can occur on other materials such as metals, ceramic and fiberboard as well. However, you must purchase these materials with a special coating already on them in order for the sublimation to take place. Our company sells a variety of 100% polyester shirts that are perfect for sublimation.

The Benefits of Sublimation

We provide blank garments to meet most of the needs of women and children, and our polyester clothing is designed especially for sublimation. You can use them for embroidery, screen printing, or to just put prints on.

The Best Clothing Material for Sublimation

When you decide to use sublimation, there are certain kinds of material that must be used or else the dye will not bond with the fibers correctly and will cause your design to fade. The fading will be noticed after the first washing and even worse after the second time it is washed. So, for the best results, you should always use 100% polyester. This is recommended because when the heat is applied to the material, the dye is able to bond with the fibers appropriately. However, it is possible to use 50/50 polyester, but the results will not be nearly as good if you would have decided to use 100% polyester.

Athletic Clothing

Athletic clothing is the perfect example of what the dye sublimation process is used for. This is because when the dye becomes part of the clothing, it has the ability to stretch, allowing air to circulate. So, athletes prefer to wear this type of material when playing sports.

Another great design aspect is that the logos or design that you choose will not fade or crack, even with repetitive washing. In other words, this design is there to stay no matter what you are using it for. The designs are basically unlimited, whether it be a very simple or a more complicated logo, with any type of color imaginable. An awesome advantage to using this process is that you can even have photos printed onto the clothing.

For sports teams, this is a great option because you can offer your players more than just a plastic number on the back of an athletic jersey. You can now offer more vivid colors with full logos and sponsor information all for a great price.