What Can You Do With Blank Red Clothing?

We at Wholesale Blank Clothing like to say that the products we offer can “be used as your canvas.” On further thought, we realized something interesting about that analogy. While the majority of paint canvases are white on principle, the “canvases” in our store come in all the colors of the rainbow.

This might seem limiting at first glance. After all, white is the lightest color, and white canvases more easily allow painters to add any shades and color combinations they want. Then again, being constrained to one solid color as a background can actually open your imagination. To illustrate what we mean, we will show you how you could use blank red clothing for eye-popping original designs.

Stimulating Appetites

If you run a food-related business and want to offer promotional clothes, you will definitely want to choose red as your background. Many popular food chains incorporate the color into their logo or even the designs of their restaurants. Just look at any imagery from McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Chili’s, KFC, Dairy Queen, and on and on and on.

So why does red seem to be the favorite color of the restaurant industry? Many psychology studies show that red makes people hungry. The science behind this seems to be that seeing it can pump up your heart rate, which in turn can increase your appetite. If potential customers see your logo on red clothing, more of them just might place an order.

Holiday Celebrations

You may be familiar with red as a color of anger, such as the phrase “seeing red.” However, many cultures around the world associate red with happiness in certain contexts. In the United States, you can find it on all kinds of things that bring people pleasure. Think about red velvet cake, or romantic bouquets of roses, or even the stripes of the US flag.

A variety of holidays also use red as their signature color or one of their signature colors. As we have described in the past, you can easily produce red sweaters with Christmas designs. After all, Santa Claus, a major symbol of the holiday, is famously garbed in the color. Red also goes great for clothing related to Valentine’s Day, as well as patriotic occasions like the Fourth of July.

Striking Designs

Red can be furious, and red can be joyous, and red can be hunger-inducing. It can represent love and desire, and it can represent danger and domination. Rather than inspiring one specific feeling, it seems that red can make people feel just about any emotion, only more intensely. Psychology studies bear this out: more than anything, red is the color of passion.

This means that the hue may be better suited than any other as the background for impactful designs. If you have an idea for a great shirt design, then making it red can really make it pop. When used with a careful eye to aesthetic, it can grab people’s attention and hold on to it. Get energetic, get emotional, or even get aggressive. Either way, get red.

Wholesale Blank Red Clothing

If any of these ideas speak to you, then Wholesale Blank Clothing can help you make your concepts a reality. With red being such a popular color, you can bet that you can get most of our products in different shades of it. Once you have our canvas in your hands, you will discover possibilities that you could not get with white.