An Overview of Sublimating

What are Sublimation Blanks?

Most of the time, when a shirt or tee has graphics, the words or images only appear on the front. Sometimes, they may have graphics on the back as well. Printing these can be pretty easy on any kind of shirt made from any kind of clothing material.

However, what if your bold idea requires graphics on the front, back, shoulders, sleeves, and every other part of the shirt? When you want an all-over design, sublimation blanks may be your best bet. Here is some information on what you can do with this special type of clothing, as well as what to avoid doing.

What is Sublimation?

In science, sublimation is a process in which solids completely skip the liquid stage and turn into gases. An example is “dry ice” — another name for pure and solid carbon dioxide. It is naturally extremely cold, with a temperature of -109°F. When it is exposed to room temperature, which is extremely hot relative to the dry ice, it reacts by converting into its gaseous form, rather than melting like conventional “wet” ice.

In clothing, sublimation also refers to a transformative process involving heat. In this case, you first print your design onto high-release paper, then place it on the blank shirt. Then you press down on the paper with a source of pressure and heat, such as a clothing iron. This releases the ink from the paper, which the garment then absorbs. Now you have an all-over graphic tee that is ready to wear — or sell.

Why Use Sublimation Shirts?

Sublimation comes with quite a few aesthetic advantages. As we said, you can use this process to create all-over graphic tees with intricate designs. It also allows for vivid and vibrant colors, which makes it great for printing photos onto clothing. All of this is much more difficult to do with conventional printing methods, and only sublimation shirts are designed to work with that process.

Perhaps the biggest benefit from the process is that sublimation produces graphics that are just part of the cloth. There is nothing to pick at, peel of, or feel at all. This way, you get the images on the shirt without losing any of the comfort. This, plus the other reasons mentioned earlier, has made the process surprisingly popular for creating striking school sports uniforms. They are also why sublimation shirts are just popular in general.

Be Careful with Printing!

There are a few potential problems to watch for with this printing process. When pressing designs onto sublimation blanks, you need to be careful about your uniformity. If you put a lot of force in some areas of the shirt and only a little force in others, your design might not look consistent throughout the shirt. You may need some practice and plenty of mindfulness, but it is possible to make shirts that look even.

Another potential area of concern is with streaks. The creases and folds where the sleeves connect with the shirts can also complicate attempts at uniformity. When you complete your design, you might discover white lines and marks in these areas. One way to downplay or even avoid this issue altogether is to use lighter shirt colors and less complicated designs. Another method is to create designs that avoid the armpit area altogether.

Wholesale Sublimation Blanks

Overall, sublimation clothing can open up dazzling new artistic and commercial possibilities for any clothing store. If you are interested in trying the process for yourself, you can find sublimation blanks specifically designed for this purpose at Wholesale Blank Clothing. Check out our diverse selection of shirt types, sizes, and colors today.