Make It a Set
Why sell just one piece when you can sell a whole set?
Have you ever thought of putting complete outfits together for your customers? If they truly like one of your products, they are far more likely to respond to related, matching and complementary pieces.
If you design infant shirts or onesies, it's easy to add a hat, a bib, and a set of booties to create an adorable matched set. No additional design work is needed; sell them blank and increase your return.


While shoppers want the freedom to think and decide for themselves, they often respond to simplicity as well. They appreciate it when some decisions are made for them; having too many choices can actually make the decision-making process more difficult, leading to inaction. They can become overloaded, they may freeze and feel unable to make a choice. Creating a well-designed matching set provides a valuable service to your customers and can lead to more sales in a natural, fluid and genuinely helpful way.
Your customers will love being able to buy an entire matching outfit based around items they really like. By taking a standard piece and adding accessories and other items, you'll create a matched set that can upsell your customers while making life easier for them. If an outfit truly speaks to them, they'll be less likely to directly compare price to single item offerings; they'll focus on saving time and maximize purchasing power.
Mixing and matching products with various accessories and add-ons allow you to create more product offerings without having to increase your inventory. Just carry some key add-ons and you will be able to offer an exponential number of options to your customers. Adults will appreciate this valuable service, but you're likely to get the strongest response from young moms. Our children, infant and toddler clothes are loved by parents everywhere. With your creative touch, you can dream up full outfits and sets that moms won't be able to resist.
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