Layette Gowns: A Buying Guide for Anyone Expecting

If you and your partner are expecting a child, both of you have to expect the unexpected. To be precise, anyone on the cusp of parenthood needs to prepare as much as possible before their baby arrives. Even if you think you already own everything that you and your child will need, double-checking would not hurt.

Naturally, this includes the clothing that the child will wear for the first several months of their life. New parents may be surprised by just how much they may need. To foster a greater understanding of what is needed, here is a guide to getting layette gowns and other clothes for newborn babies.

What does layette mean?

Once upon a time, the term “layette” used to refer to various items designed for newborn babies. These would include essentials, such as baby bottles; toys, such as rattles; and accessories, such as pacifiers. Most importantly of all, layette sets would include plenty of clothing items for the child to wear.

Back then, expecting mothers and their loved ones would often create their own layette sets and make many of these items themselves. Nowadays in the United States, the term often denotes a category of clothing for babies younger than six months. With that said, the spirit remains. Parents should have these clothes handy so the baby can stay warm and comfortable at the dawn of their life. 

Layettes are especially great because they are easy to get on and off without hurting or making the baby uncomfortable. Most layette designs also have a quick way to fold down the shoulders to quickly undress a baby with an especially messy bottom. This helps to avoid pulling any mess over the baby's head and face in case of an emergency diaper change.

What Is Considered Layette Clothing?

You can purchase as many clothes as you want for the child. However, every soon-to-be parent needs to get certain kinds of clothes that their child can wear for a variety of occasions and environments. Here are the types of outfits and clothing items commonly included in layette sets.

Homecoming Outfit

Hospitals will provide many services before, during, and immediately after the birth of a child. However, when it is time for the baby to go home, the parent must bring something that their child can wear upon discharge.

A homecoming outfit is just a normal outfit — either a shirt and pants or a onesie, plus socks and a hat. It should be comfortable, of course. However, this is the first outfit they will ever wear, so make it count!

Shirts-and-Pants Sets or Onesies

What babies wear from day to day (besides diapers, of course) typically depends on the preferences of the parents. Some find onesies convenient, while others prefer garbing them in shirts and pants. Many have a mix of both in their wardrobe.

You can choose how many of each you get, but what matters is that you have plenty of each. Shoot for at least ten sets of outfits, if not twenty.

Seasonal Clothes

Wholesale layette clothes cover a period of six months. A baby may experience very different conditions at that time, depending on the seasons and the location.

If your child’s first months of life are sunny and summery, and if you plan to take them outside, they could use a sun hat. Their clothing should also be rather light, but still enough to protect from the sun. Newborns in colder environments, especially in wintertime, absolutely need clothes that will keep them warm. Knit hats and sweaters are vital because the child is so vulnerable.

Booties and Socks

Parents of newborns do not need to fret about shoes. That kind of footwear is not necessary when they are still stationary or only capable of crawling. With that said, even though their feet are not in use at this stage, they still need to be kept warm and covered.

To that end, a few soft pairs of socks will do the trick quite nicely. Additionally, giving them booties will help them grow accustomed to using footwear while also looking cute.

Blankets, Washcloths, and More

As we mentioned earlier, there is more to a layette than just clothing. For starters, they need various cloths (not clothes) to keep them clean. These include washcloths, for bathtime, and burp cloths, for when they spit up food. Alternatively, a pack of receiving blankets can be substituted for either of those items and have a variety of other uses.

Another kind of cloth is the swaddling cloth, used specifically for holding the baby and rocking them to sleep. Parents also have the option of a sleep sack, which is like a blanket that a newborn can wear. It is designed to remove fears of conventional blankets covering their faces and making it hard for them to breathe.

Sleeping Gowns

Just as important for bedtime are wholesale layette gowns. These items cover the baby from head to feet while giving them more room to move their legs than ordinary pants or onesies.

Their legless design is also quite practical for parents. When (not if) your baby relieves themselves in the middle of the night, getting them out of a stained onesie can be a hassle. With a sleeping gown, or any other kind of legless sleepwear, changing them is as simple as lifting the cloth and removing the diaper.

How Much Clothing to Get

The most important thing to understand about baby clothes is that they will definitely not stay clean for long. Newborns do not have any respect for — or, for the matter, any understanding of — how many clothes you actually own for them, nor how recently you washed and changed them. When they have to go, they just go.

As a result, you should not get a few of each outfit or article of clothing. You need enough of each kind that you can change them as needed without worrying about running out. Washing and drying will also be more frequent than with adult clothes, so get started on that when you seem poised to run out.

Despite this advice, you should also limit exactly how many clothes your purchase. Your child will grow quite a lot in the six months after their birth. At that point, they will typically graduate to more conventional baby clothes. In the meantime, they will gradually outgrow the shirts and pants and other clothing they wore as newborns.

These changes do not change the advice that you get plenty of clothing. Rather, we also recommend that you divide that amount of clothing into articles of different sizes. This will ensure that your child is always comfortable. In the end, is that not the purpose of preparing for their arrival?

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