A Guide to Selling Personalized Baby Gifts

Did you know there are 250 babies born every minute?

Each and every one of them is unique. Why would parents want generic baby gifts for their new son or daughter when there are so many custom options available?

If you're thinking of selling personalized baby gifts, you're tapping into an enormous market. Online sales for infant apparel in the US is worth $3 billion and is growing 13.5% every year.

How can you get your slice of the pie? In this post, we'll give you ideas for selling personalized baby gifts and how to get started. Read on to learn more!

Why Sell Personalized Baby Gifts ?

We already stated that the baby gift industry is booming. Is it worth your time and effort to set up shop there? Absolutely!

People love the appeal of creating their own gift items, as it shows an extra level of care and thoughtfulness. And with countless print-on-demand services, it's easier than ever to set up an online store and offer unique gifts for your customers.

When you offer customizable items, your customers can choose the perfect options for them. This includes custom color and font choices or the option for printing or engraving.

Make sure to include samples of your fonts and color choices so visitors can see a live preview of their gift item. It's also a good idea to include a size chart to minimize returns and reorders.

You can offer the choice to include custom text such as names or dates. You can offer graphics or photos for them to choose from, or allow them to upload their own.

Experts estimate that the market for custom printed T-shirts alone will reach $10 billion by 2025. That doesn't even include other custom gifts or items of apparel!

Feeling inspired yet? Let's take a look at what offerings you'll want to include in your personalized baby gifts store.

Ideas for Personalized Baby Gifts

We could list hundreds of ideas here, but let's start with the basics.

1. Onesies & Creepers


These are among the most popular items of baby apparel, and it's easy to see why. Any new parent knows you can never have too many onesies in the drawers.

Offer customizable onesies in your store with options for short or long sleeves. Another fun idea is offering camouflage rompers for future soldiers (and soldierettes).

2. Baby Blankets

Custom blankets are another hot-ticket item you need to include in your gift store.

Infant receiving blankets are always popular and easy to customize. Buyers from colder climates will also appreciate the option of a thermal blanket for baby.

3. Baby Shirts & Gowns

From infants to toddlers (and all the way up to adults), you can never go wrong with a basic T-shirt. Offer options for short and long sleeves, as well as different patterns and fabric weight.

Want to really impress your customers with an adorable design? Add a customizable fleece hoodie to your store and watch the orders come rolling in.

For personalized baby gifts for girls, be sure to include a collection of dresses and gowns. Nothing makes a little girl feel more like a princess than wearing a custom dress designed just for her!

4. Baby Beanies & Booties

Every parent knows how important it is to keep their baby's head warm. Help them do so in style by providing custom baby beanies in your gift store.

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby booties? We don't think so either. Custom baby booties are sure to be another big seller for your store.

5. Bibs & Burps

One of the most fun items to customize is a baby bib.

From cute graphics to funny slogans, this is another must-have in your baby gift store.

Create a Business Plan

Now that you know what to sell (and why you should sell it), how can you turn your idea into reality?

Here are a few questions you'll want to answer before you set up your online store.

  • What products and options will you offer?
  • Can you use the same custom template for each item?
  • How will different custom options affect the price?
  • Will you use illustrations, photos, or other graphics to show option choices?
  • How will you handle your inventory?
  • How will you structure your regular prices and sale items?

You should have these answers in mind before you go to the person who will ultimately build your website.

It's also important to think about who you'll target as your customers. Parents are an obvious choice, but what about grandparents, aunts, and uncles, or other family members? Do you have a plan for how you'll market to them?

In addition to basic custom options like colors and fonts, is there a particular theme you want to include in your store? There are already thousands of companies selling custom baby gift items, so what will you do to makes yours stand out?

Finally, how will you optimize your store to get in front of as many people as possible? If you're not a marketing expert (or don't have the time to learn), enlist the help of a pro. That way, when your gift store is ready to launch, you'll have a marketing strategy in place.

Where to Source Your Custom Baby Gifts

One thing is for sure: Personalized baby gifts is a trend that won't slow down anytime soon.

If you're thinking of starting your own business selling custom baby gifts, now is a perfect time. With so many avenues available to sell gifts online, you have plenty of options to choose from when creating your marketplace.

An easier decision to make is where to source your customizable baby gifts. From shirts and hats to blankets and onesies, we have everything you need to start your own baby gift business.

View our complete collection of wholesale baby clothes and accessories. Which unique baby gifts will you choose for your gift shop?