Silly Ideas for Turning Blank T-Shirts into Halloween Must-Haves
Thanks in part to the “spoopy” memes and unrestrained enthusiasm of internet culture, Halloween is no longer confined to a single day. Now, it engulfs the months preceding October 31, like the dark reflection of the winter holidays. It is a state of mind. You do not need to love or even accept this, but this is still how things are in 2019.

Six years ago, on a night like tonight, we tossed out some quirky concepts for transforming blank t-shirts into Halloween t-shirts. We at Wholesale Blank Clothes are bringing this back from the dead as our own holiday tradition. Here are some more silly ideas to help you celebrate in style.

A Sinister Face — On Your Chest

You are almost certainly familiar with vampires, werewolves, and ghosts, but what about “headless men?” These monsters, also known as akephaloi and Blemmyes, originate from Greek, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon mythology. They have no heads; instead, their eyes, noses, and mouths appear on their chests. As evidenced by medieval illustrations on maps and manuscripts, their appearance is quite jarring, even a bit disturbing.

With single-color backgrounds for a variety of skin tones, the design of headless men may be perfect for blank clothing. Simply put a pair of eyes on the chest, a nose below if desired, and a mouth around the navel. Feel free to get creative with the monstrousness. The brows could be furrowed in fury. The mouth could be a snarl, or even a cavernous maw, packed with nasty gnashers. It would certainly stand out, especially if the wearer hides their head inside the shirt.

Headless Man on Horse

The Mummy’s Curse — In a Wrapping Design

Another underrated monster is the mummy. These ghouls are undead, yet smarter than zombies. They are also similar to vampires, but instead of sucking blood, they can suck souls (in some versions). Best of all for your purposes, they are visually distinctive, thanks to the tattered cloth wrapped around their living-corpse bodies.

Sublimation t-shirts allow for designs that cover the front, back, and sleeves. They would be perfect for a shirt that makes the wearer look completely bound in mummy cloth. Conveniently, any overlap of the design, including around the sleeves, will look natural due to the haphazard nature of the bandaging. Items like this might be a hit with people who are satisfied with wearing a spooky t-shirt as a Halloween costume.

Spooky Mummy Cartoon

Spiders — All Over Your Body

It seems that more and more people are taking to the Hawaiian shirt design, especially the ones with animals on the front, sides, and back. The critters are usually appealing ones, like elephants and goldfish and flamingos. That is nice and all, but not for Halloween. You could parody this style with bleak background colors and scary creatures. What is better for this than the spider?

Picture a massive collective of intertwining white webs over a black or dark purple background. Spiders pepper the design — potentially a variety of species. You could include black widows, brown recluses, crab spiders, and even the ones whose abdomens cruelly resemble a smiley face. Arachnophobes would pop at the sight of this, especially if you use sublimation t-shirts for an all-around design. 

Cute Cartoon Spider
Wholesale Blank Clothes offers blank t-shirts in many colors, including the holiday standards of black, orange, and purple. Our products also come in all sizes for all people of all ages, because the spooky vibes should be shared with everyone. Costumes are usually reserved for parties and October 31. On other days in the season, themed clothing, like these ideas, can help you keep the Halloween spirit alive.