Customizable Baby Bibs

Customizable baby bibs can be a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness or for entrepreneurs to give customers a way to add a personal touch to one of the most used baby items. Wholesale blank bibs are a cost-effective option for those looking to buy in bulk or process large orders.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Marketing 101 tells businesses that just the fact that a potential customer recognizes a brand name can increase the likelihood of a sale. Giving away customized bibs at promotion events or as free gift-with-purchases can be a low-cost way for businesses to get their names out there. Printers may be able to increase their own sales by making sure that companies are aware of the impact that brand awareness can have.

Personalization Services

Wholesale bibs are also popular with those who have Etsy shops or offer personalization services.


Personalization of baby items has become an increasing trend among parents and other childcare providers and is one that will likely stick around, and wholesale blank bibs make cashing in on this trend even easier. Keeping an adequate stock at all times ensures you don't have to worry about missed sales opportunities.

Wholesale bibs can be customized in a variety of ways. Popular options for customization that sell well are humorous memes and snappy catchphrases. Customizable bibs also work well for daycares or schools who want to put their logos on the bibs as a form of latent advertising.

Options for Customization

Printers may also elect to offer personalization options that include the child's name or the consumer's choice of text. Offering a wide range of font and color options, including multicolor printing, is likely to attract even more sales. Other factors like fast turnaround times or the ability for customers to purchase bibs in bulk are other ways to get an edge in the personalization market.

Sell a Set

Adding a customized baby bib to a onesie and infant cap will add that personal touch to a set. Often, consumers are more willing to make a gift purchase for infant clothing when the purchased items match to make a set. Want to read more about the advantages of making sets of baby clothes? Click here and read "Make it a Set".

No matter who your target consumer base is or exactly what types of customization options you want to offer, wholesale baby bibs make the process easier.

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