Cotton: The Fabric of Choice For Baby Onesies

Onesies are a staple in most baby wardrobes. Between spit ups and diaper malfunctions, the typical newborn mom goes through three or more of these necessities daily. They're a convenient, adorable and easy solution to the baby quick-change, but mostly, they just look insanely comfortable. And, at the end of the day, comfort is what every conscientious mom wants for her tiny bundle of joy.

Functional, Yet Comfy

Onesies can't catch and injure tiny fingers or toes like knitted sweaters sometimes can. They have no cutesy buttons or bows for baby to choke on. Whether a mom is partial to blank onesies or ones imprinted with witty slogans, there's no arguing the functionality of this tiniest, most basic component of baby's wardrobe.

Buying wholesale onesies is a necessity if you need to buy as low as possible and make the most profit. Which type to buy may not be quite so cut and dried, however. If you're wavering between choices of fabrics, you may want to consider cotton.

The Advantages of Cotton

A cotton onesie has the advantage over one made from synthetics in more ways than one:

  • Natural cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, making it gentle for baby. Even babies who suffer from sensitive skin or allergies can usually tolerate clothing made from 100 percent cotton.
  • Cotton is breathable. It allows airflow through the fabric which helps keep moisture, such as sweat, away from baby's skin. This helps keep baby cool and comfy.
  • Cotton fabric is tightly woven, making it exceedingly soft and comfortable. It's also resistant to static electricity.
  • Cotton withstands the application of fire-resistant coatings, making it perfect for sleepwear.
  • Cotton fabric boasts a high-tensile strength. It actually becomes stronger when wet. You can wash cotton clothing at very high temperatures without damaging it, making it a good choice for baby clothes.
  • Cotton factors high on the list of renewable resources. Harvesting it doesn't harm the planet.

If you look at your wholesale purchase through the eyes of a newborn mom, you'll realize that comfort, durability, and convenience take precedence over all other factors. And for these requirements, cotton has babies everywhere comfortably covered.

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