Cool Patterns to Spice Up Your Blank Clothing

Online clothing merchants often devote a great deal of time to inventing interesting new designs for their clothes. Some focus on writing witty slogans and creating appealing graphics. Others look at the single-hue backdrops and visualize how different configurations of colors and lines might appear. If you fall into the latter camp, we can help you brainstorm beyond solid colors and stripes. Here is some information on cool patterns to spice up your blank clothing.

Take Stripes to the Next Level with Plaid


We typically see plaid on button-ups made from flannel, but there are no rules restricting the pattern to this clothing type and material. In fact, there is a sizable market of people who love the look but also prefer cotton fabric and simplicity. You can tap into that audience by offering plaid t-shirts, dresses, and even baby clothes. Whether they look professional or fun, the design can really pop from the background.

Plaid designs have a few standards: each stripe must consist of a thick line and thinner streaks surrounding and/or piercing them, and the stripes must intersect to form alternating sets of squares over a solid background. As long as you have that, you can be as creative as you want. Color combinations can be loud and flashy or soft and fashionable, while the stripes can vary in their width.

Zigzag Around Expectations and Express Yourself with Chevron


Besides plaid, there are other ways to incorporate stripes into your design that can be just as bold and radical. Case in point: the chevron design, so named for taking inspiration from the inverted v-shaped military and police insignia. These serrated stripes eschew traditional straightness for jagged waves, and wearing a shirt or dress with this pattern is sure to cause a stir wherever you go.

The history of chevron spans thousands of years, and its implementation over time gives it a wealth of connotations. Your clothes can give off the vibe of Greek antiquity, when artists first painted their pottery with the pattern. Alternatively, they can draw inspiration from more modern art movements like the classy art deco style, or even evoke lovable comic strip character Charlie Brown. No matter what meaning you and your customers embed in the design, it will definitely grab people’s attention.

Stand Out Everywhere (Except the Woods) with Camo


Camouflage patterns were created as part of military strategy. The brown and green blurs once concealed soldiers in forested battlegrounds. Now, they adorn everyday clothes worn by average civilians. If you are looking for a pattern with a little flair, a camo design can be — ironically — quite eye-catching. You can go traditional with colors or provide alternatives with shades of blue or pink.

One convenient aspect of this pattern is that you do not need to create your own camo design. You can easily locate camouflage clothes, which already come with that blend of greens and browns. Brands like Realtree even apply more realistic camouflage visuals to their products. Best of all, camo clothing can also be treated as a blank canvas, just like any solid-color apparel. Feel free to customize the attire with your own text or graphic and offer something unique in your store.

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