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Ten Simple Christmas Designs

Posted by Matt Post on 12/3/2014 to Idea Corner
Looking for some ideas for Christmas baby onesie designs? Here are a few samples to get your creative juices flowing. Most of these designs are a one-color design or saying that will go well with any blank red onesie. You can always add your own custom touches by changing the font or adding an image.

Customizable Baby Bibs

Posted by Katelynne S on 12/2/2014 to Idea Corner
Customizable baby bibs can be a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness or for entrepreneurs to give customers a way to add a personal touch to one of the most used baby items. Wholesale blank bibs are a cost-effective option for those looking to buy in bulk or process large orders.

Customize to Sell With Wholesale Camo Bibs

Posted by Selena R on 5/12/2014 to Idea Corner
There are tons of great ways you can showcase your individual talent and creativity when it comes to children's fashion. Working with wholesale camo bibs allows you to start with a ready made canvas to bring out your best work.

Cotton: The Fabric of Choice For Baby Onesies

Posted by Anne G on 5/8/2014 to Product Highlights
Buying wholesale onesies is a necessity if you need to buy as low as possible and make the most profit. Which type to buy may not be quite so cut and dried, however. If you're wavering between choices of fabrics, you may want to consider cotton.

What Is Sublimation?

Posted by Matt Post on 10/23/2013 to Business
The process of dye sublimation is actually very simple: it’s the application of dye into clothing to make an image, and this works best when used on polyester material or clothing. Three ingredients are used which include sublimation ink, pressure and heat. The transformation process is when solid dye particles are changed into gas, without ever becoming a liquid. This whole process is similar to that of dry ice.

Make It a Set

Posted by Wholesale Blank Clothes on 10/2/2013 to Idea Corner
Why sell just one piece when you can sell a whole set?

Have you ever thought of putting complete outfits together for your customers? If they truly like one of your products, they are far more likely to respond to related, matching and complementary pieces.

The Silly Side of Halloween T-Shirts

Posted by Wholesale Blank Clothes on 9/24/2013 to Idea Corner
The witch on the broomstick, the ghost popping out and saying “BOO” and the jack-o-lantern with the glowing eyeballs are just so yesterday. Get the laughter started with these off-the-wall Halloween T-shirt design ideas.